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These are the books that I have discovered as worth reading



Jules Verne's "Icesphinx" fills my short reading day. At least some pages. Another book I have gotten recently is a (re)discovery as I remember it as a pageturner, Achim Wohlgethan's book final station kabul" the report of a german soldier in afghanistan. Looking forward to read it again.


John Grisham again: "Rogue Lawyer" delivers and I take it. A great read again.


A day without reading shit happens.


gudrun krämers book "the democracy in the islam" is a pageturner about questions that arise in europe everyday


Finish Burk's book and am flashed for some time to have read such a great book.


Burk fills my day.


Michael Burk's"The golden carousel" fills my day A great pageturner that keeps me hooked. A lucky day


Another great reading day with Daniel Steel's "The ranch" I started it and finished it the same day. A great lovestory from my favorite author in these days. Next discovery this day is Michael Burks"The golden carousel". Blessed to find two pageturners today. Great luck.


I discover Gao Xingjian's book "The mountain of the soul" which fills my reading day. Great read.


Djura's book"The veil of silence" the story of a woman that is punished by her own family for marrying the wrong husband catches my attention. Aust's book "the pirate" is another highlight of this great reading day


Kammerlanders book fills my day. I finish it and continue with Jennings book" Marco Polo the obsessed part two in the empire of Kublai Khan"


Kammerlanders book fills my day. A true pageturner and a great story about the climbing of great mountains.


I finish Haffner's book and make another great discovery.

Kammerlander's book "addicted to mountains" and can t let it go anymore. I feel blessed to read this accictive book. Halleluja


Haffner's book "explanatory notes about hitler" makes my day and fills my day.


New discovery: Haffner's book "explanatory notes about hitler" makes my day and fills my day.


Plieviers book "yellow moon above the steppes" is a very interesting discovery of the day. Another one is Anna Tells thriller"four days in kabul" That I haven't read all Karl May books I learned with Karl Mays "Winnetou and the Scout" a discovery and a good read. Elisabeth Hör-Bogaczs book "Walking a light happiness" teaches me the importance of walking. A great reading day with a lot of new discoveries. Great


Another trip to Herrsching and discovery of Bourgeons book "the son of Ben Hur" Jürgs book "Slavemarket Europe" and Karaseks: "Go West". A historic book about slaves, a book with slaves in presence and a book about the 90s. What a timetravel and there seems to habe been slavery all the time.


A great reading day on my trip to Herrsching. I discover ">Morris L. Wests book: "The world is made of glass" Daniel Steels "The kiss" Milfords book "Zelda" an american story about a woman with the same name and her life in the USA of the 50 s. Morris L Wests book "Harlekin" is another page turner of this author whose books I also adore.

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