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05\22\24 Follow my new Mount Everest 1996 challenge. This catastrophe till today evokes emotions and Jon Krakauers book "Into thin air" got me hooked. See this very interesting video of Neadle Beidlman the only surviving member of the expedition that hasn t written a book. This got me the idea to start a challenge. Read all books of members of this expedition. Read details here

05\\24 I will now add links on my discovery page to bookstores where you can purchase the books suggested and also get further information. I will also get a small commission that helps me to keep the site up.

04\24\24 I opend a new tiktok account the bookswiper to promote my method better. I can so post more videos.

04\02\24 I am using my bed as a book store due to problems with construction. The slatted frame always broke down so I couldn t use the bed. Now I put a row of books below the frame and so it doesn t fall down. The books saved my sleep. Great idea and solution as I can store more books.

02\13\24 I am writing a reading diary on my discoveries page to show you my reading live and to let me remember the books I discover everyday. Stay tuned and get to know great books.

31\12\23 I am reorganizing my bookshelf to read more and faster so I am pretty busy getting rid of my books as you might have discovered on my youtube channel.

Its done I could reorganize my bookshelf You can can see that only a small compartment is filled with books to read and the rest is full of new books to be prepared. So it helps me to focus on a few books and to enjoy more and select and dispose of faster..

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