Authors that I have read most plus their best titles

Konsalik, Heinz: "the black mandarin"

Grisham, John "the firm"

King, Stephen "the green mile"

Link, Charlotte: "the decision"

Follett, Ken: "the needle"

Hohlbein, Wolfgang "the inquisitor"

Archer, Jeffrey "kain and abel"

Steel, Daniel "the gift"

May, Karl "winnetou 1"

Wood, Barbara "the curse of the rolles"

Vandenberg, Philipp "the hetaere"

Crichton, Michael "timeline"

Lorentz, Iny "the tartarin"

Murakami, Haruki "dangerous lover"

Kinkel, Tanja: "the dollplayers"

Serno, Wolf: "the dollking"

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