The equipment I am using

I don't need many things to apply my reading method...

1. markers

If cover pages are removed it is important to know which book you reading: That's why I mark the side of the book with my barcode system. I use markers with different colours. So even in a big heap I find the book I am looking for.

2. big ducktape

If you tear the books, sometimes pages get loose, to prevent their loss, a big ducktape is recommended.

3. cover storage

bookcovers are an emotional bridge to the books I have read. That's why I I keep them. I cut them with a scissor to keep only the minimum and store them in transparent plastic bags in a drawer.

4. bookshelf

The bookshelf and my dreambed see below are the central part of my reading strategy.

5. dreambed

Due to a malfunction of my bed. The slatted frame of my bed (parts of it) always fell down. I discovered the possibility of books to prevent this and so I can store many books under my bed and so build my dreambed.

6. google sheets

To administer all the books i am reading and have been reading I use google sheets

7. whatsapp

To keep information about books when i am traveling I use whatsapp as it is easier to use than google sheets online. At home I transfer the infos to google sheets

8. bag

When travelling i take many pages with me in my laptop or shopping bag, so i don't run the risk to run out of good books At home I store the pages I want to read in shopping bags for my books always be accessible.

9. Trashbag or wastepaperbin

When at home or travelling I use a trash bag to get rid of read pages or book debris. The same equipment i use for shopping on my favorite places Back to main page